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The leadership of the Red Army Foundation would like to inform its esteemed members that the website, which was supposed to go live tonight, has been delayed.

This unavoidable delay was caused by the workload and time required to build a dynamic, user-friendly website. We know that this change may conflict with plans some of you made based on our previous announcement for our new website, and we apologize for any inconvenience the delay may cause.

We are committed to finishing this website within two weeks, and all our members and potential members will be required to fully register online between 1st June 2022 and 31st July 2022. Thank you for being so patient during this time. 

The new website that will be hosted at will feature relevant information on the Red Army and Red Army Foundation and its organizations, membership registration forms, fundraising, financial and communication platforms, and a database for the SPLM/A Red Army, Lost Boys, and Girls, associate, and new members. In the meantime, please sign up for notification at We sincerely appreciate your patience, cooperation, and support.

After many months of hard work and dedication from our team at the Red Army Foundation, we are pleased to announce our website launch at midnight on 16th May 2022!

The new website that will be hosted at will feature relevant information on the Red Army and Red Army Foundation and its organizations, membership registration forms, fundraising, financial and communication platforms, and a database for the SPLM/A Red Army, Lost Boys, and Girls, associate, and new members.

We sincerely appreciate your cooperation and support.

For any suggestions, questions, or comments, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at or connect with us at:

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Effective midnight on the 16th of May 2022, you will virtually be able to sign up free to join the following Red Army institutions and sign up for SSPDF (SPLA Medal Award).

  • Organized Red Army
  • Liberation Generation
  • Seeds of the Nation
  • Associate Members
  • SPLM Red Army League
  • Pinyudu SACCO Ltd
  • Dimma SACCO Ltd
  • Tharpam SACCO Ltd
  • Polotaka SACCO Ltd
  • Banat SACCO Ltd
  • Nucleus SACCO Ltd
  • Lost Boys and Girls S SACCO Ltd
  • Red Army Business Community
  • Red Army Patriotic Corps
  • Seeds of the Nation
  • Red Army Football Club
  • Red Army Musicians Union
  • Red Army Veterans in Active Service
  • Red Army Women’s Corps
  • Red Army Medical Practitioners Association
  • Red Army Lawyers Association
  • Red Army Corps of Engineers


The Red Army Foundation is a membership-based, non-denominational, and national patriotic veterans’ social enterprise founded on the 29th of July 2012 as an umbrella organization to bring together the SPLM/A Red Army veterans, associates, and new members with the primary goal of; tracing, mobilizing, registering, organizing, serving, empowering, developing, rejuvenating and refocusing the membership, as a collective national duty and responsibility.

The Red Army Foundation is legally represented globally by the Lost Boys and Girls Memorial Foundation (LBGMF), an affiliate organization registered to provide social, cultural, educational, and economic services to the Lost Boys and Girls and South Sudanese Communities in the United States, Canada, Australia, and Kenya. The long-term strategic objectives of the Red Army Foundation are:

  • Advocate on behalf and serve the members of the Red Army Foundation and address their most essential and pressing needs;
  • Preserve the Red Army SPLM/A Red Army legacy of demonstrating patriotism to the nation right from an early age during the SPLM/A Liberation Struggle, and instill the spirit of patriotism, hard work, and stewardship among the young people today and generations to come while supporting and advocating for the protection and development of children in conflict situations worldwide;
  • Exert special efforts and work towards promoting unity and peaceful coexistence among the people of South Sudan, using the Red Army Legacy of oneness and comradeship, having been brought up and nurtured by the SPLM/A during the Liberation Struggle as one family of young people from distinct tribes and ethnic backgrounds, yet considering each other as brothers and sisters, living and working together harmoniously, and
  • Partner with the government and the people of South Sudan and development partners in the state-building and nation-building process by actively participating in the sustainable development of our country as critical stakeholders, trusted, reliable and loyal partners.


The Red Army Foundation is specifically launching this website to realize its strength of numbers because of its broad membership all over South Sudan and in the Diaspora, which grew immensely over the SPLM/A Liberation Struggle. The Red Army Foundation has a far-reaching membership, constituting hundreds of thousands of people from various tribes and ethnic groups all over South Sudan and among the South Sudanese Diaspora population. The vast membership of the Red Army Fraternity is an excellent point of strength for the country, as it gives the Red Army a mighty and robust voice, unquestionable relevance, unique and extended influence, and particular mutual social capital, among others.


According to the Red Army Foundation Constitution, four (4) categories of members.

  • The FIRST CATEGORYis the SPLM/A ORGANIZED RED ARMY, which was formally organized under military camps, refugee camps, and IDP camps during the SPLM/A Liberation Struggle for freedom, and as they matured, they joined active service in the Struggle, Military (e.g., Bilpam, Bonga, Lotuke, Moroto, etc.), Refugee (g., Pinyudu, Dimma, Tharpam, Kakuma, Adjumani, etc.), IDP (e.g., Polotaka, Narus, Moli, Lobone), and Diaspora (e.g., Cuba, etc.) camps during the SPLM/A Liberation Struggle for freedom, and as they matured, they joined active service in the Struggle;
  • The SECOND CATEGORYis the LIBERATION GENERATION, which includes all young people of South Sudan who are not part of the organized Red Army but were considered children between 1983 and 2005, having equally suffered directly or indirectly the consequences of the Liberation Struggle;
  • The THIRD CATEGORYis the SEEDS OF THE NATION, who are the contemporary generation of young people today being patriotically inducted into the Red Army Service to the nation to become responsible and patriotic citizens who can effectively contribute to the nation-building process and preserve the future of our country for generations to come, and
  • The FOURTH CATEGORYis the ASSOCIATE MEMBERS, who are senior members of SPLM/A, SPLM/A High Command, Former Zonal Commanders, Former Field Commanders, Teachers, Caretakers, Camp Managers, Families, and friends of the Red Army, and any person deemed by the leadership of the Red Army Foundation to be of goodwill and good intention to the Red Army, who supports the activities of the Fraternity in good faith. 


The Red Army Foundation is building a digital archive to contribute to the historical legacy of the SPLM/A liberation by partnering with individuals and institutions in collecting, organizing, preserving, maintaining, and sharing the records that serve as evidence of past events of the SPLM/A Red Army veterans and Lost Boys and Girls and their associates so that their social histories and accounts can form part of the future Memorial Libraries and Museums of South Sudan and SPLM/A Red Army. 


The Red Army Foundation is creating an online platform where the SPLM/A Red Army veterans and Lost Boys and Girls and their associates can easily and virtually apply for membership, manage and maintain their profiles, and provide vital information on their past or current association with the SPLM/A Red Army Service. To ensure the continuation of the Red Army program by recruiting, inducting, training, and developing the next generation of the Red Army to carry forward the vision and mandate for which the Red Army was created. Online Membership Registration is accessible to all categories of membership.


Through this platform, the Red Army Foundation will establish an extensive database for its vast membership pool to gather statistics required to support the planning process and make informed decisions in running the Red Army Foundation, building, managing, and retaining its vast membership. 


The Red Army Foundation is collecting relevant information on members to help with the identification of skills, work experience, knowledge, level of education, fields of specialization, occupation, and other human resource capacity information of members of the Red Army, Lost Boys, and Girls, and other associate members, to help and recommend them for jobs, placements, and recruitments to work and strategic positioning in private, and public sectors and organized forces in South Sudan.


At the directives and request of the SSDPF General Headquarters, the Red Army Foundation is currently registering and identifying qualified registered members of the Red Army Foundation who are from the Organized SPLM/A Red Army Membership Category to be recommended for integration, promotion, deployment in SSPDF and recognition and award with medals of service during the SPLMA liberation war;


The Red Army Foundation uses this platform for fundraising, financial management, and accountability. Its registered members can quickly and virtually pay one time, lifetime membership registration fees, annual membership dues, contribution, and mandatory leadership contribution, generate funds for the Red Army Foundation to support its operations, projects, and activities membership fees, and automatically renew their annual dues, make donations using built-in donations with one-time and recurring options, notifications to ensure that members are current on their membership financial obligations.


The Red Army Foundation provides an online community where its registered members can come together over shared interests and experiences, mutual goals, and actions, discuss topics of interest that are beneficial to the progress of the Red Army Community and learn together and from each other, collaborate on projects or activities, and share advice, ideas, and related news.


Since the beginning of Sudan’s civil war on 16th May 1983, children have been at the center of the conflict. Many names were coined to refer to this multitude of children from Sudan, such as Unaccompanied minors, Red Army, Child Soldiers, Jesh Amher, and later Lost Boys and Girls. No matter where they were, all these children suffered the consequences of war in refugee camps, IDP camps, military camps as child soldiers, or abroad, sometimes left without parental guidance because their fathers were taking part in the war in Sudan. Whatever the name, group, or unit, these children have now come together under two different terms; Red Army and Lost Boys and Girls. Together, they are participating in state-building and nation-building in South Sudan.

Prepare to register and start or preserve your legacy!

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